Summer Research Fellowships

The USC School of Pharmacy’s Summer Research Fellowship Program is geared towards increasing learning and networking opportunities for undergraduate and PharmD students committed to pursuing either a professional or academic research career in pharmaceutical and translational sciences. Students will develop confidence and independence in conducting research and communicating scientific concepts under the guidance of faculty and other mentors. In addition to daily engagement in the lab, students will attend biweekly seminars and participate in a workshop on the graduate school application process so as to stimulate serious consideration of graduate study. At the end of the summer, students will give an oral presentation of their research to their peers and faculty.

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The students should have:

  • Strong desire to pursue a PhD in one of the disciplines offered by the USC School of Pharmacy graduate program ( after completion of their undergraduate or PharmD studies.
    • Pharmaceutical and Translational Sciences PhD Tracks:
      • Pharmaceutical Sciences
      • Molecular Pharmacology and Toxicology
      • Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics
    • Health Economics PhD Tracks:
      • Microeconomics
      • Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy
    • Strong academic background (GPA of 3.5 or higher)
    • Working knowledge of research skills and concepts learned through college courses.
    • Full-time availability for work over the summer

For more information, please contact the USC School of Pharmacy Graduate Affairs Office at 323-442-1474 or via email at