The USC School of Pharmacy’s research programs cover the entire pharmaceutical continuum. In our labs, scientists are discovering new compounds and developing them for therapeutic use. Using progressive thinking, they are developing ways to deliver these compounds with improved targeting to minimize unwanted side effects. Picture1b

Our translational scientists are working to take the promise of new therapies from the bench to bedside while the School’s regulatory science experts are examining ways to get drugs and medical devices to market faster while maintaining optimal safety. Our pharmacists are on the vanguard of clinical care, working with patients in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, community pharmacies, among other settings. And, finally, the School’s world renowned health and pharmaceutical economists are examining the outcomes of interventions, measuring impact on health and costs.

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Areas of Research Expertise at the USC School of Pharmacy

The USC School of Pharmacy has expertise spanning the entire spectrum of drug discovery development from basic laboratory research through to clinical application and the regulatory principles that affect healthcare delivery in practice. Within this spectrum, faculty expertise is concentrated in the following areas:

  • Chemistry, which utilizes computational, medicinal and chemical biology approaches to develop new drug candidates and delivery approaches
  • Biotechnology, which utilizes platform technology to identify novel drugs, biomarkers and delivery modalities
  • Molecular Targets, which investigates the biological mechanisms underlying disease and links these targets to therapeutic interventions
  • Translational Sciences, which optimizes new chemical entities for maximal efficacy in experimental models and then advances them into clinical evaluation; addresses therapeutic challenges in clinic through molecular investigations to understand the mechanistic and genetic basis of disease and drug response
  • Health Economics which explores treatment efficacy in parallel with cost-effectiveness andĀ  healthcare policy

The School of Pharmacy has significant strengths in the following disease areas: inflammation, oncology, infectious diseases, aging/neurodegeneration, diabetes, and addiction.