Requirements for Degree Completion

Undergraduate Prerequisites

The following undergraduate prerequisites are necessary to apply for the program: MATH 118 (or MATH 125), ECON 203, ECON 303, ECON 317, ECON 414.

Grade Requirements

A grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 (on a scale of 4.0) must have been achieved on all graduate work, as required by the USC Graduate School.

Courses required

The following courses are required for completion of the MS in Health Economics (Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy emphasis). In order to satisfy the econometrics requirement, students can choose either ECON 414 or a more advanced econometrics course, depending on their background in econometrics.


  • ECON 500 Microeconomics Analysis of Policy OR (4 units)


  • PM 512 (elective) Introduction to Epidemiology and Demographic Methods (4 units)

Research and Methods Policy Analysis:

  • PMEP 509 Research Design (4 units)
  • PM 511A Data Analysis (4 units)

Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy:

  • PMEP 519 Survey Research and Quality of Life (4 units)
  • PMEP 529 Probability and Preferences (4 units)
  • PMEP 538 Pharmaceutical Economics (4 units)
  • PMEP 539 Economic Assessment of Medical Care (4 units)

Total Credits Required: 36