Dean’s Summer PharmD Research Fellowship

The USC School of Pharmacy’s Dean’s Summer PharmD Research Fellowship Program is geared towards increasing learning and networking opportunities for USC PharmD students committed to pursuing either a professional or academic research career in pharmaceutical and translational sciences. Students will develop confidence and independence in conducting research and communicating scientific concepts under the guidance of faculty and other mentors. In addition to daily engagement in the lab, students will attend biweekly seminars and participate in a workshop on the graduate school application process to stimulate serious consideration of graduate study. At the end of the summer, students will give an oral presentation of their research to their peers and faculty.

Program Benefits:

Awardees will receive a $4,500 stipend for participating full-time for 10 weeks (minimum) in the program during summer (June 3 – August 9, 2019). Involvement for a longer period may depend upon project and faculty advisor.

Program Requirements:

  • Have a strong desire to engage in research and/or pursue a MS or PhD degree in one of the disciplines offered by the USC School of Pharmacy ( concurrent with or after completion of PharmD studies:
    • Pharmaceutical and Translational Sciences PhD Tracks:
      • Pharmaceutical Sciences
      • Molecular Pharmacology and Toxicology
      • Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics
    • Health Economics PhD Tracks:
      • Microeconomics
      • Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy
    • Healthcare Decision Analysis, MS
    • Regulatory Sciences, MS
  • Strong academic background (Cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher in the PharmD program)
  • Working knowledge of research skills and concepts learned through college courses
  • Full‐time, 10 weeks, minimum availability for work over the summer (June 3 – August 9, 2019). Involvement for a longer period may depend upon project and faculty preference.
  • Before the final payment is disbursed, the following must be met:
    • Awardees are required to participate in the summer research oral presentation day and give an oral presentation of their summer research at the conclusion of the summer. All participants are required to attend the presentations in person and must remain for all research presentations.
    • Submission of research abstract to a national conference is strongly encouraged.
    • Awardees must be present for the entire period from June 3rd through August 9th.
    • Awardees must be present for all required workshops.
    • Faculty Advisor must be present at the oral presentation.

Note: P4 students are NOT eligible for the fellowship if they are enrolled in Summer APPEs.

Application Instructions:

Select a faculty member with whom you would like to conduct your research (see to learn about faculty research areas and expertise). 

  1. Contact this faculty member to arrange an interview.
  2. Discuss the research with the faculty member and formulate a project. Jointly prepare a description of the project and goals for the summer (1-2 pages maximum, single-spaced: background, hypothesis, specific aims, study design, and research skills that you will gain from this project)
  3. Submit online application (available HERE) which MUST include ALL of the following:
  • Project description.
  • Letter from the prospective faculty sponsor, demonstrating willingness to sponsor your application via:
    1. Upload within application, OR
    2. Faculty can email directly to
  • Transcripts from PharmD program.
  • Supplemental materials describing previous research or other material (undergraduate transcripts) you feel the committee would find useful in evaluation of your application.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  April 5, 2019 – awardees will be notified by the end of April, 2019.

Program Period:    June 3 – August 9, 2019. Involvement for a longer period may depend upon project and faculty preference.




For more information, please contact the USC School of Pharmacy Graduate Affairs Office at 323.442.1474 or via email at